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Being a company on a human scale presents our clients with many advantages, including proximity and simplicity in our exchanges. A strong point compared to independent commercial firms or national franchises that manage large volumes of files. At the level of our commercial offers we arrive thanks to our seniority, our expertise and the investments made for our clients to be negotiating force with the financing institutions. This allows us to obtain excellent rates and high performance products as well as large national networks. We bring a particular quality care during our exchanges and the constitution of the files with our customers. We take the time to get to know you, to immerse ourselves in the situation to offer solutions that perfectly match your expectations. Our clients are and will never be simple file numbers but important people to us that we want to satisfy and retain.

“Your interests become our interest.”

Our Methodology

1. First Appointment

During the first appointment we carry out a preliminary study from the essential documents:

  • the last three bank statements,
  • the last three proofs of income,
  • the last tax notice.

This study and the specific criteria allow us to quickly present the file to our various banking partners to obtain an answer in principle.

2. Information notice

The document “Information Notice – Entering Relations” is then presented to you. We also give you a loan simulation document that allows you to know your monthly payment and the costs incurred by the implementation of the mortgage for all fees that will be related to the file (notaries, banks, …). This transparency measure has been put in place by the firm for several years. At this level, you have, without any commitment and no cost, the possibility to retract. As soon as you agree, we organize the appointment with the Bank selected by sending him beforehand all the elements necessary for the good constitution of file. We are one of the few brokerage firms that accompany and assist our client at the first or even the second banking appointment.

3. Point-to-point control

Once the definitive loan agreement is established, we find ourselves in order to control step by step the different paragraphs before the signature of the loan offer – To return after the eleven days of reflection period – Scrivener law for the protection of the borrower.

4. Backoffice

Our “Backoffice” service contacts your notary or one of those we have proposed to you in order to prepare the account and the date of signature. The firm agrees to accompany you during the progress of the loan and to prepare, in collaboration with the clerks of notary, signatures of authentic deed so that the procedure takes place in the best conditions, and this, even if is not a contractual obligation of our profession.