Loan Without Leave Home Online Application and Approval

Unsecured Loan – When Can a Home Loan Help You? When you do not have time to go to the consignee’s store, financial or banking correspondent of some bank. On the internet the terms ” Make your loan without leaving home “, “Can I borrow without leaving home on the internet?”, ” Loan without leaving home: Make your loans with registration and approval online, all without having to leave home or work “.

We can not question, with the advancement of the internet, consumers have gained a new way of borrowing. There are numerous different forms and types of loans that are free for hiring, sometimes it can be even confusing knowing which line or modality to apply for.

Loan without leaving home

Loan without leaving home

However, each type of loan has a different role in the national economy and personal, knowing what modality requested could actually make the difference in the pocket and the outstanding balance of the operation.

What are the types of loans without leaving home? Personal bank loans, credit limits, purchases financed with web cards, payroll loans for municipalities, federal and retired employees and INSS pensioners.

The loan without leaving home is nothing more than receiving at home all the loan documentation requested without having to get around to an office or loan shop. in many cases the company or financial sends a carrier in the house or in the work of the contractor for signature of the contract and routes of the terms etc.

How long does it take to clear the loan?

In the case of consigned the operation is extremely easy and advantageous, once located the lender and maintained the interest in completing the operation, everything is resolved without complication. The money is released on average between 30 minutes and 72 hours depending on the type of credit applied for.

Loan interest rates

Borrowing without leaving home is great for anyone who does not have the time to spend going in a location that completes these types of financial transactions. Contracts are with very flexible interest rates, the terms vary between 6 months and 84 months.

In the personal loan requested in its own bank the release of the money is in just a few minutes, in the loans payable on the sheet approval and release is also fast, in São Paulo, after the connection, accuracy of details and release of the requested money, in up to 24 hours the money is in the account.

When to borrow without leaving home or work?

When to use the loan without leaving home or work? You can choose to apply for a home loan when your income is not enough to meet your financial needs or you are living a difficult time financially because of a sudden financial crisis.

Payroll Loan, compare fees at Accredited Banks

The payroll loan 

The payroll loan 

The payroll loan is one of the forms of personal credit that offers the least risk to institutions – because the risk is less? This is because when the contractor, usually retirees or social security pensioners receive their benefits, the discount of the portion of the loan has already been authorized by Welfare, that is, the institution receives value directly from the agency of the beneficiary. Currently, payroll loans represent one-fifth of all personal loans granted in the loans segment.

In recent months public banks and private banks have started a wave of declining interest rates on loans, in particular the “payroll loan”, most of the Specialists, Trade Unions and NGOs report that the reductions are minimal and do not meet the real needs of about 29 million social security beneficiaries. To speed up the process, the Federal Government through the Apobank reduced the minimum and maximum rates of payroll loans, right behind the Bank of Brazil and later followed by private banks, driven by market pressure and not to be left behind in the credit.

At Brazillian bank, the rates for payroll are offered from 0.79% per month. Apobank offers rates starting at 0.75% to 1.77% per month. At Bank Ipao, they range from 0.89% to 2.2% and Bradse, from 0.90% to 0.79% per month. Here we can not understand, but the minimum rate only serves for consigned loans in 6 installments and the highest rate for loans up to 60 months.

At present there are 57 financial institutions and credit that are authorized by the social security to grant payroll deductible at the benefit, the maximum rate is limited at 2.34% per month, it is up to the bank or financial institution to reduce this ceiling or not.

Are you looking for the most appropriate interest rates on the payday loan? Check below the “infographic of the payroll loan interest rates” prepared by the Folk Art Editor / Folhapress on the Folha Online

The one interested in making consigned loans has to do a lot of research among banks and financial institutions.

Loans with high charges and high rates | Information for consumers

If you are refinancing your mortgage or applying for a mortgage loan in installments, you may be covered by the Housing Property Protection and Mortgage Amortization Act (HOEPA). This law deals with certain deceptive and unfair practices of loans with mortgage guarantee and establishes requirements for certain loans with high fees and charges. This type of loan is also called “Mortgage Section 32” since that is the name and number of the section of the law that establishes the corresponding regulations.

  • HOEPA loans
  • Mandatory informational data
  • Prohibited terms and conditions
  • If the provider breaks the law

Mandatory informational data

Mandatory informational data

If your loan meets the criteria of the HOEPA law mentioned above, the lender must provide you with several informative data within a minimum period of three business days prior to the closing date of the loan, namely:

  • A written notice stating that it is not necessary to finalize the loan, even if you have signed the loan application and received the mandatory information. After receiving the informational data stipulated in Section 32, you have three business days to decide if you want to sign the loan agreement.
  • The notice should warn you that because the lender will have a mortgage on your home, you may lose your residence and all the money you would have paid for it if you did not make your payments.
  • The APR rate, the amount of the regular payment (including any applicable global payments), and when it comes to the refinancing of a mortgage, must inform you of the loan amount (and if the loan amount includes the credit insurance premiums as well) must declare it). For variable rate loans, the lender must inform you that there may be an increase in the rate and the monthly payment, and you must also declare the maximum amount of the monthly payment.

Prohibited terms and conditions

Prohibited terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are prohibited in the loans of high fees and charges:

  • For loans of less than five years, global payments are prohibited – in cases where regular payments do not completely cancel the principal balance and a lump sum payment of more than double the amount of the regular payments is required. There is one exception: global payments are allowed for bridge loans with a term of less than one year that are used to buy or build a house.
  • Negative amortization – an increase in the balance of a loan caused by adding unpaid interest to the balance of the loan. This happens when the regularly scheduled payment does not cover the amount of interest owed.
  • Interest rate due to default or payment default higher than the rates applied prior to default.
  • Interest reimbursements in case of default that are calculated by any method less favorable than the actuarial method.
  • A repayment program in which more than two regularly scheduled payments are consolidated that must be paid in advance with the money obtained from the loan.
  • Most penalties for early payment, including reimbursements of unearned interest calculated by any method less favorable than the actuarial method. An exception applies if:
    • The lender verifies that your total monthly debt (including mortgage) equals 50 percent or less of your gross monthly income;
    • You get the money to repay the loan from any other source unrelated to the lender or an affiliate of the lender;
    • The lender exercises the penalty clause during the first two years after the mortgage started; Y
    • The regularly scheduled payment amount for the principal and interest can not change during the first four years after the loan is initiated.
  • A clause of payment under demand, except:
    • If you commit a fraud, or if you deliberately conceal or falsify facts related to the loan;
    • If you do not repay the loan according to the terms established in the loan agreement; or
    • If you take any action that adversely affects the creditor’s guarantee.

The providers can not do the following either:

  • Give you a loan based on the collateral value of your property without initially considering your ability to repay the loan, including your current income and logically anticipated income, your employment, your other assets other than the asset consigned as collateral, and your current obligations (including those obligations related to mortgages). In addition, the money for home improvement loans must be given directly to you, jointly with you and the contractor who will do the improvement work, or in some cases, an escrow agent.
  • Refinancing a HOEPA loan by converting it into another HOEPA loan within the first 12 months of its origination, unless the new loan is more favorable to you. This rule also applies to assignees (whether persons or entities) that retain or administer the loan.
  • Erroneously document a high-cost non-renewable loan as a renewable loan. For example, a high-cost mortgage can not be structured as a home equity line of credit if there is no logical expectation that additional transactions will occur.

If the provider breaks the law

If the provider breaks the law

You may have the right to sue a lender who violates the requirements of the HOEPA law. If you win the lawsuit, you can recover statutory and actual damages, court costs and attorney’s fees. Also, maybe you could cancel the loan up to three years after closing.

Loans without importing Financial Institutions: frequently asked questions about them

Quick loans have become a very useful solution when urgent money is needed. It is no longer necessary to endure long queues and wait for a loan, and this is very important when it comes to an emergency. But, in addition, you can currently apply for loans without importing Financial Credit Institutions. This means that, even if you are on a list of defaulters, such as Financial Credit Institutions, you will not have problems when it comes to obtaining financing.

Let’s see some of the most frequently asked questions people ask about this financial service.

Frequently asked questions about loans regardless of Financial Credit Institutions

Frequently asked questions about loans regardless of Financial Credit Institutions

The loans with Financial Credit Institutions have raised many questions among the people who are on this list of defaulters. But, from today, all these doubts will be resolved. From Astro Finance we will answer the most frequently asked questions about this type of financing.

Loans without importing Financial Credit Institutions: are they safe?

Loans without importing Financial Credit Institutions: are they safe?

In the past it was very complicated to be in a register of defaulters and get financing safely. However, there are currently many serious and proven secure companies that offer microcredits to people registered with Financial Credit Institutions. Therefore, if you choose the lender from a trusted website, you can find companies that offer you money without complications.

Why do companies risk lending money to people in Financial Credit Institutions?

Why do companies risk lending money to people in Financial Credit Institutions?

Private lenders have noticed that there is a lack of liquidity in people with Financial Credit Institutions and they want to solve their problems. In most cases, people who are in delinquent records are not usually inveterate delinquents. It is usually someone who did not agree with an invoice or was late in paying for a supply or service. Therefore, it is generally not about people with a “high risk of default”, as banks usually think.

Can anyone in Financial Credit Institutions request a loan?

Can anyone in Financial Credit Institutions request a loan?

If you are in Financial Credit Institutions for any of the reasons we have said (a delay in an invoice, a non-payment in a supply …) you can apply for a loan. However, if the reason for your registration is a financial debt for another loan or credit card, it will be very difficult for you to find a company that provides financing. It will also depend, according to the lender, on the amount of debt you have.

Are the credits with Financial Credit Institutions more expensive?

Are the credits with Financial Credit Institutions more expensive?

The most logical answer may be yes. However, the reality is very different. Credits that accept users registered in delinquent registers are not limited to this type of profile. They also offer loans to other people without debt. In addition, the cost of the loan does not vary depending on whether or not you are in Financial Credit Institutions. Therefore, we can say that loans for indebted people have the same cost as for people exempt from debt.

Is it possible to apply for a loan with Financial Credit Institutions without having a payroll?

Is it possible to apply for a loan with Financial Credit Institutions without having a payroll?

Yes. Just as it is possible for those who do not have debts, so it is for those who do. Although not having a payroll does not mean not having an income. Your income, as for all other people, must meet three requirements: be regular, demonstrable and of a sufficient amount to be able to repay the loan when the time comes. Therefore, even if you do not have a salary, it could be an unemployment benefit, a pension, an aid or the income that you have as a self-employed person.

Finding loans without importing Financial Credit Institutions is easier than ever. From Astro Finance we invite you to, if you are in a register of defaulters, take a look at the loan companies that accept clients in your situation. Sure you will be surprised by the number of options you have at your fingertips.

Urgent Loans for individuals

Urgent loans are financial products that, until the arrival of this new century, had not been precisely the preferred part of the population that was looking for funds for their projects outside the realm of family and friends.

What is what has led to this situation, in which they have become an alternative to which more and more people join? The answer is not univocal and, in addition, it has been configured in different times. That is why it is worthwhile to review why urgent loans have been consolidated as suitable options for the financing of individuals. Take note of what, next, we are going to tell you.

Urgent loans are for individuals

Urgent loans are for individuals

In the first place, we have to clarify that there is a circumstance that usually coincides in all the profiles that are interested in this type of financial products. It treats, as the own denomination of said product implies, of the urgency with which a financing is needed that does not stand out by its high amount.

For these reasons, these loans have been designed for individuals and not for companies. Resorting to them implies that, given the need to deal with certain immediate payments, there is neither solvency nor liquidity. A solvency and liquidity that customers who request these loans rely on recover in the short and medium term.

It is a punctual lack that has originated the request of the urgent loan, but the same accreditation of a regular income requested by the credit institution that grants it, proves that this problem is circumstantial and temporary and can be corrected by means of income. which, in the near future, will get the beneficiary.

As you can imagine, a private person does not ask for these loans, for example, for expenses as large as paying the furniture of a new house. One of these loans, in these cases, would only be good for paying a percentage that he would not have to pay for the total purchase. Nor are they loans designed for large companies. However, an SME itself could make timely use of one of these financial products, without going any further, to be able to afford a machine.

Why are these financial products adapted to specific user profiles?

Why are these financial products adapted to specific user profiles?

Little by little we have been defining the profiles that are going to feel a special interest for the urgent loans. Broadly speaking, they are financial products that have very attractive characteristics for entrepreneurs.

We refer both to people who are starting to start their own business and to those who have been working with them for some time and who still need occasional financing to keep them afloat or make them grow. The self-employed are, without a doubt, the workers that can most require these loans.

But they will not need them, in principle, to pay the abundant taxes they have to face in our country every month. In the same way that a private individual should not make use of these contributions to pay for what we know as current expenses. Expenses such as electricity and water supplies or the children’s school fee, which will have to be met each month.

To pay for all these expenses, it is necessary to have a stable economic situation in the medium term. An urgent loan has not been devised for this kind of monthly disbursements, but for the occasional and circumstantial needs. If you can not pay the usual expenses on a regular basis, what you have to do is reformulate the item you allocate to expenses of your domestic budget.

Resorting to immediate loans can save you from the problem on occasion, but it should not become a frequent wildcard. If this use were made of them, it would not take long to be over-indebted, due to the accumulation of interest payable.

An evolution that has consolidated them attractive

An evolution that has consolidated them attractive

Urgent loans exist since the financing activity began to be regulated officially. There were always people who needed the money with greater speed and, therefore, were willing, to get it, to stick to the conditions of return that agreed with those who left it. Conditions that, in general, used to be more demanding than those that characterized common loans, for whose return a longer period of time was contemplated.

Closer to our days, these loans were regularized as special financial products within the framework of the credit market. At the end of the twentieth century they were already differentiated from the usual loans and credits and were announced in the mass media as immediate loans. The speed with which the money was received was particularly valued, which outlined a very specific market niche for these products. They were, therefore, still secondary products in the financial field. Because of their conditions (especially because of their interests), they were referred to very isolated uses.

However, with the arrival of the 21st century a key event in the history of humanity was going to take place, which would also have very positive consequences for the evolution of these financial products: the popular consolidation of the Internet.

Internet as a key to the growth of these loans

Internet as a key to the growth of these loans

The possibility of communicating in a network (beyond the number of people and the distance between them) in real time has undoubtedly the greatest advantage when it comes to betting on these financial products. If the old fast loans already offered the telephone attention as an advance, in comparison with the meetings in the seats of the traditional banks, in matter of immediacy, the possibility of operating by Internet surpassed this agility in the managements.

In this sense, the relative savings to work on the Internet (need for fewer workers and real estate) allowed certain credit institutions, alternatives to life banking, to make economies of scale that made it possible to offer more advantageous conditions to customers. .

The online processing facilitated, on the one hand, the convenience of carrying out the requests for the urgent loan. On the other hand, it helped to promote more attractive products and that customers would not see them only as a last resort, as it used to happen at the end of the nineties of the last century.

Another historical event would be key when it comes to consolidating these financial products among Spaniards. Pay attention to what we are going to tell you.

An economic crisis as a relaunch of urgent loans

An economic crisis as a relaunch of urgent loans

Just as the arrival of the Internet in our lives meant an evident improvement in our communication conditions, which would no longer have the same limitations of time and space, a negative historical episode would contribute to boost urgent loans.

We are referring to the structural economic crisis that began in 2008, which significantly affected the banking system of our country. So much that it became necessary a reform that happened, in addition to a rescue with public money, by the demand for more severe control measures. As it was found that there had been excessive defaults on the repayments of the loans approved during the years prior to this crisis, more in-depth controls were imposed on the risk departments of the banks.

These controls were intended to verify that they were going to begin to tighten the conditions for the approval of the loans. Consequently, requirements such as an endorsement, a payroll or not having been registered in the census of defaulters managed by organizations such as Financial Credit Institutions and RAI would begin to be requested as guarantees for the repayment of the loans.

The present of a rising financial product

The present of a rising financial product

As an intermediary in the operations between lenders and borrowers, at Astro Finance we are interested in the potential clientele of the urgent loans having all the opportune information at the time of choosing them.

Among the advantages offered by these loans, we emphasize that they will save time and money in the making of photocopies and their subsequent delivery in the offices of banks. You will not have to keep your queues in front of the offices of attention of the venues or stick to your opening hours of the branches. On the contrary, you can do all the procedures from your own home, with the convenience of carrying them out at the time that comes to you right and from your own computer.

Remember that you have to register a user and enter the platform, where you will find the loan simulator. You will choose how much money you want (between 300 and 800 euros, for example) and you will decide to return it within a specific period of time, which will generate the operating fees.

Once you have also entered your personal and banking information, if the loan is approved, the money will reach your checking account as quickly as the credit institution has committed.

In short, urgent loans are convenient to avoid problems of occasional defaults and to deal with specific incidentals.

Fast Loans Without Roles for Dental Treatments

Many people are still afraid to go to the dentist. Not only for a possible intervention, but also for the cost of “fix our mouths”. A cost that is not a problem if we take into account that we can ask for quick loans without papers, explanations or payrolls.

Are you one of those who do not go to the dentist due to lack of money? Next, we tell you about the main interventions that are carried out in Spain.

Fast loans without paperwork and reliable: why do we go to the dentist?

Fast loans without paperwork and reliable: why do we go to the dentist?

Do you need to go to the dentist? Maybe you suffer a mouth problem and you want to remedy it. In the following list we explain one of the problems you have? Do not worry! Many Spaniards also come to the dentist’s office for this type of problem.


It consists of an inflammation of the gums due to an infection or accumulation of tartar. It is usually caused by poor oral hygiene, poor use of dental floss or by tobacco. The symptoms are bleeding gums, inflammation or sensitivity to cold.


This is called bad breath, caused by poor oral hygiene, gum disease or food intake such as garlic or onions. This disease is suffered by 40% of people throughout their lives.


It is the voluntary habit of clenching teeth. When grinding or clenching the teeth, the musculature of the mastication is overactive. This phenomenon manifests itself from childhood. The patient is not aware that he has this problem. Overloading can damage the periodontium, in addition to the hard substance of the teeth.

Dental fillings

The dentist locates the infection points to make fillings, especially where there are cavities. It will remove the damaged tissue and clean the entire affected area. After that, add a paste that replaces the damaged part and removed so that the teeth do not lose their ability to chew.


The teeth that can not be saved need to be removed from the mouth. Therefore, it is one of the interventions that is carried out in a consultation or dentist with greater frequency. Once the tooth or tooth is removed, you can act later by installing a prosthesis to recover the lost teeth.

Dental cleaning

These cleanings usually go beyond the usual hygiene that should be kept at home. The professional must remove the plaque of bacteria installed on the teeth, completely and without pain. This work lasts for half an hour to remove all the dirt.

Crowns with fast loans without papers

The incorporation of crowns allows the repair of the damage caused by large caries. These are covers that cover the teeth and prevent them from spoiling.

Financing to go to the dentist

Financing to go to the dentist

According to a study conducted by one of the leading dentist franchises in Spain, 70% of Spaniards visit the dentist once a year. This means that the remaining 30% does not do so, mainly because they do not have enough resources to pay for interventions or revisions to be made.

It is important to know that, thanks to a quick and paperless loan, we can have a nice smile and be cured of any oral disease that we can count on. The financing to go to the dentist is one of the most common reasons to ask for capital, you would not be the first person who asks for capital to go to this professional dentist.

Going to the dentist is not a problem at present thanks to the great payment facilities that exist, such as fast loans without papers. If you need to go to the dentist and solve one of the problems reported in this post, remember that there is financing for you.

Expert in real estate loans and financial investments

do i need a financial adviser

Being a company on a human scale presents our clients with many advantages, including proximity and simplicity in our exchanges. A strong point compared to independent commercial firms or national franchises that manage large volumes of files. At the level of our commercial offers we arrive thanks to our seniority, our expertise and the investments made for our clients to be negotiating force with the financing institutions. This allows us to obtain excellent rates and high performance products as well as large national networks. We bring a particular quality care during our exchanges and the constitution of the files with our customers. We take the time to get to know you, to immerse ourselves in the situation to offer solutions that perfectly match your expectations. Our clients are and will never be simple file numbers but important people to us that we want to satisfy and retain.

“Your interests become our interest.”

Our Methodology

1. First Appointment

During the first appointment we carry out a preliminary study from the essential documents:

  • the last three bank statements,
  • the last three proofs of income,
  • the last tax notice.

This study and the specific criteria allow us to quickly present the file to our various banking partners to obtain an answer in principle.

2. Information notice

The document “Information Notice – Entering Relations” is then presented to you. We also give you a loan simulation document that allows you to know your monthly payment and the costs incurred by the implementation of the mortgage for all fees that will be related to the file (notaries, banks, …). This transparency measure has been put in place by the firm for several years. At this level, you have, without any commitment and no cost, the possibility to retract. As soon as you agree, we organize the appointment with the Bank selected by sending him beforehand all the elements necessary for the good constitution of file. We are one of the few brokerage firms that accompany and assist our client at the first or even the second banking appointment.

3. Point-to-point control

Once the definitive loan agreement is established, we find ourselves in order to control step by step the different paragraphs before the signature of the loan offer – To return after the eleven days of reflection period – Scrivener law for the protection of the borrower.

4. Backoffice

Our “Backoffice” service contacts your notary or one of those we have proposed to you in order to prepare the account and the date of signature. The firm agrees to accompany you during the progress of the loan and to prepare, in collaboration with the clerks of notary, signatures of authentic deed so that the procedure takes place in the best conditions, and this, even if is not a contractual obligation of our profession.